Rebecca Tabbert gained 65 lbs (on her 5’1” frame) when pregnant with her son 16 years ago.  Initially using pregnancy to hide her real underlying issue…. A growing addiction to food as she used the food as comfort and to cope with a challenging time in her life.

She held on to most of the extra weight until her son was about 2.5 years old.

At which point she hit her rock bottom; depressed, not feeling well and finally fed up with how she looked and felt.  Now as a single mom she knew she needed to change, as strong as she felt was for her son, she knew she would be stronger if she could become healthier, fitter and stronger.

And so her journey began.  Over a two year period, Rebecca learned the hard way what not to do in workouts and nutrition.  Through the process she discovered the right workouts, the right nutrition and the right focus to become the strongest, fittest version of herself in mind body and spirit.

Rebecca before and after

Her experience, her transformation, sparked a burning passion to help other woman by inspiring and teaching them how to live full, abundant lives in mind body and spirit, using health and fitness as the foundation.

She remained in Corporate America after her own transformation for several years until 6 years ago when she took a huge leap of faith to pursue her passion for helping other women full time.

Rebecca considers herself blessed to have spent the last 6 years helping thousands of woman and men become fitter, stronger, and healthier than they themselves thought possible.

She has also spent last 6 years building her health and fitness education and personal experiences

  •          National Academy of Sport Medicine Personal Trainer Certified
  •          NASM Weight Loss Management Certified
  •          NASM Youth Athletics Certified
  •          Training For Warriors Certification (sports and conditioning)
  •          Turbulence Training Certified
  •           TT Kettlebell Certified

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